Completed the game

Abzû is a game from the same developer as Journey, which is one of my absolute favorite games on PS3.

The premise is very similiar. You start without knowing who you are and where to go, but if you let go and follow your instincts you will soon find the way forward.

In this game you are under water and your goal is to wake up each region and discover the secret of the ocean. The story is not narrated but leans heavily into environmental storytelling.

The visual design is very good. The ocean is beautiful and the environment brings new amazing thing cross each corner. It is a very short game but it's dense with visual design and experiences.

If I’m going to complain about something it's that the controls are very bulky and it's hard to make your character move the way you want to. It is also at times hard to understand what you’re supposed to do. Some of the game’s story is a bit too spiritual for my taste but I enjoyed it overall.

If you like these kinds of walking (swimming?) simulators that focus on exploration I suggest you give it a go.

My rating: 2