Completed the game

I finished this game in September but never got around reviewing it. But here we go.

In some games I make up my own achievements of what I would call execution of excellence.

Like Winter Olympiad ’88, there was this downhill ski course. I was so good at it, getting the gold medal was not enough. I had to cut all the flag poles on my way down. That was excellence. Or Hostages! When the spotlights keep searching for you it would only have to brush close to for me to reset.

Hitman 2 gives me the same sense of accomplishment when I finish a mission without being seen, without being detected. Moving like a ghost through the level killing off the targets one by one. The game recognise this quality and award you more points if you remain invisible through the whole level.

When I started playing Hitman 1 I had the wrong idea of the game. I though that you would sneak around and shoot people with a silencer. That is not really the point. A successful mission is where I never have to fire my gun even once. It’s where I don’t need to kill any guards, I just use disguises and cunning to get around. If you in the end can kill someone making it look like an accident, that’s even better.

Hitman 2 takes off where Hitman 1 left us. We continue doing missions and looking for the “Shadow Client”. This game is even better than the previous one in its level design and funny situations. The story is however mostly filling even if I truly enjoy the cutscenes between the missions.

I see this game more as a collection of scenarios than a complete story, and I think that is intended. You should go back to each scenario and play it over and over to get a better score and kill your targets in new innovative ways. I do not have the patience for that but I appreciate the deployability.

I enjoy this game in a way that I don’t enjoy another third person shooters like Uncharted or Mass Effect. It’s because this is really clever. So much effort and details is put into each of the scenarios that they must have taken ages to make. You also notice the sheer quality of the game, where you can do almost anything and it never glitches.

I’m really looking forward to Hitman 3 coming out in 2021.

My rating: 4