Completed the game

I hate roguelikes. You know where you die and have to start all over again. I don’t get it. Usually I make it to a point and then I can’t make any progress past that.

Hades is a so called roguelite. You keep some progress you make and every attempt is a little bit easier because your character has grown stronger.

This suits me much better.

Hades is a very well designed game. It manages to keep it interesting through hours and hours of replay, because it has so much variety. Even after 50 hours of game play it introduces new dialogue and enemies.

I would say that the game is a combination of the isometric fast pace action of Nex Machina, the character development of Diablo and the roguelike of Binding of Isaac. It is very fast paced and skill based, but it makes up for the difficulty by providing the mentioned character progression but also a god-mode accessibility option that I used.

The god-mode gives you a slight boost in defense, and that boost will increase every time you die. The game is still very challanging but you get a little bit of help to get through and I appreciated this mode immensly.

I love every piece of this game. If there is such a thing as a perfect game this is it. I hope they make a sequel or DLC, as I'd love to play more of it.

My rating: 5