Completed the game

I wonder if the old notebooks still exists where we would draw up the whole map and note what was behind each door. It was a huge amount of pages, and a complete map of all the elevators, hostages and weapons.

If you go to the roof and over to the other side, you will find a shotgun two stairs down and the door to left. :) Trying to figure out the most optimal path, not meeting too many terrorists and still being able to disarm the bomb before the time's up.

Aaaah vakter ni tar mig aldrig

As a little boy, I didn't know much english and certainly no persian. I translated what the terrorists shouted in my own imagination to Swedish. When I see this game I still hear them shout "Vakter, ni tar mig aldrig" (transl. Guards, you'll never take me). It does not fit into the game at all, but I didn't really understand what the game was about short of there's a bomb that needs disarming.

I wouldn't say this game is any good. The game mechanics was simple and the story was too short to be interesting. Shooting terrorists is fun, but movement was very limited to standing still shooting, or make a forward roll and then sit down shooting.

Still I rate this game a 3 because I had a lot of fun with it and it must have meant something if I still remember it to this day.

My rating: 3