Completed the game

I think that you can measure the grandness of this game by countless of sequels and a movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. What was cool about this game in the 90's was the prince's animation, that was almost like motion capture, but hand painted. After this game, gamers would start to demand realistic movements in other games.

The prince of persia

So, this game is no more than 60 minutes. Like other games in the genre you can finish this game in 60 minutes, but you won't do it your first play through. Not second, and not third. After maybe a hundred times you might be skilled enough to finish the game within the time frame. They certainly don't make games like this anymore.

Prince of Persia is a fantastic game and I've spend countless of hours in the dungeons of evil Jaffar. I don't find the same challenge in the sequels and I still come back to this one and beat my head against the wall.

My rating: 4