Going through some old crap I found my old discs for Frontier: Elite 2. I remember reading about the game in a magazine and fell instantly in love. I waited and waited for this game and when it finally reached my hands, it was almost everything I had hoped for.

Elite Amiga discs

I've spent so many hours going back and forth between star systems trading, to get the largest ships of them all. When I reached that goal, I sold it and bought a fast ship Mk III, to make a living as bounty hunter.

Since this game didn't have any story, it was as much a space simulation as it was a game. The galaxy was huge and you could actually land on planets.

As I said, it almost lived up to my expectations. In my fantasy I would blast through cities and valleys with my X-wing star fighter, hunting criminals on the run. Well, space is quite dead and not so full of adventures as I had hoped. Space is actually quite empty.

My rating: 5