Completed the game

I'm Bobbin, are you my mother?

This LucasArts adventure game puzzled my family for a long time. You walk around listen to thing, like holes in a tree and then you can play those melodies back to items in the world.

Bobbin Threadbare

It was when my father used the hole-spell on the sky that we made a real breakthrough, as he opened the sky, shot a lightning bolt on a tree which you would use to get off the island.

As you continue out to sea you struck a tornado. You have to listen to the tornado and then play the tornado tune backwards to untornado it. Actually very clever and took some figuring out.

This game features an incredible story and unique gameplay. It is one of the best games of the LucasArts adventure era and when ever I hear Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, I think about this beautiful game.

My rating: 5