Completed the game

"Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?"

Pirate games. Oh, how I love pirates. There're very few things in media that wins over pirates. Not ninjas, not zombies. Pirates, it is.

Sid Meier is a master of simulations. I'm talking about Silent Service (submarine simulation), Civilization (world simulation), Railroad Tycoon (railway business simulation) and many more. This is a privateer simulation, but what it has is a story. The story of a man searching for his family that has been abducted by the spanish crown.


Every element in this game is great. The music is great, the graphics is splendid and the gameplay is fantastic. The fact that you have a huge open world to discover is unique in this time period.

When playing this game I had a big map of the Caribbean in front of me. When I was supposed to hunt down a pirate that just left Trinidad, I could look it up on the map.

Pirates remake

What's nice about this game, is that there was a remake just a couple of years ago for PC. It is actually a really good remake and it brings back the memory of this classic and can be played to day without suffering the age of this game.

My rating: 5