The thing about gaming on the Amiga was that a game could die at any moment. Floppy discs wheren't as reliable as our storage media of today.

This is one of those games that died almost instantly. I got to play it a few times before the floppy was destroyed. Maybe something magnetic came in close contact with it, I don't know. It was beyond repair.

Games like that became legendary. You got only a few moments with it before it was snatched away from you. In my mind they grew and became awesome. I would dream about these games and how I would play them if they were to return to me.


Oh, my what a piece of crap! I downloaded this from Internet to experience it once more, and boy - it is bad. The controls are clunky, the music hurts my head and the graphics makes me blind. I can't believe that I really did fantasize about this game.

Makes you wonder about all those games you just read about but never got around to play. Where they as bad?

My rating: 1