Completed the game

Outland is an ordinary platformer, except it has an extraordinary feature. You can assume two colors, dark och light. When you assume light, you will not be hurt by light energy bolts, and when you assume dark you will not be hurt by dark energy bolts. But at the same time, you cannot hurt a light monster, while being light yourself. And that makes this game a whole lot interesting than your ordinary platformer.

Outland is beautiful

So while trying to jump on platforms, avoid monsters or try to kill them, you also need to keep track of what color you are. It does not seem very special, but as a game mechanic it works surprisingly well. While the enemy you want to kill requires you to be dark, the environment around it may be hazardous unless you're light.

What color should I be

First half of the game is fun. I love swinging that sword and collecting gold coins. The mobs are entertaining and the platforming is great. Sadly this does not keep me entertained for the whole game. After a while, fighting minions become a way to get to the next boss.

Outland bosses

The bosses in this game are fantastic. They are huge, and you feel really tiny and insignificant in comparison. You need to study their way to attack you so you can counter and conquer. Every boss fight consist of different parts that you need to go through and you will die a lot while learning the pattern to handle each part. It is worth it. When you take down a boss you feel like a king, and you've really honed your mastering of the controls to enable the next area.

I give this game the rating 4, because it has great graphics, good sound and great game play. The story is weak and the game between the bosses can sometimes be tedious, but it is all worth it to play this game to the end.

My rating: 4