How small can you make a hero? Digital Illusions and Psygnosis are testing the limits in this platformer. This is really one of the cutest games on the Amiga, and it pretty much marks the end of the Amiga for me. It was released the same year as Commodore went bankrupt and we all had to take a few steps back onto the PC platform that was not nearly as ready for gaming.

First level

Benefactor was mostly a puzzle game. You had to figure out in what order to do things in order to complete the levels. I also remember it as a very hard puzzle game. It became hard very fast and I did struggle even at the earliest levels, and if you weren't hardcore platformer, you would get in trouble.

Graphics are great, and the music is crisp. This is really a masterpiece, and I hope we will see a remake for this to iOS devices some day.

My rating: 4