It is way too early for me to rate this game, but I want to give a first glance of what I've experienced with this game.

You start off as Adam Jensen, head of security for Sarif Industry. The lab that is about to go public with a new prototype gets attacked and it is your job to secure the facility. What happens is that you get your ass kicked and Sarif Industries has to replace every part in your body with prostheses in order to keep you alive. So, this is where the game really starts - you are this super cyborg off to solve the case of the attack.

Adam Jensen, not the funnies guy on the planet

Let's say I'm really experienced with FPS games. In this game I died over and over, in the introduction, because I didn't follow the game rules.

  1. Don't get seen
  2. Take cover
  3. Don't get hit

Basically, if you get hit you die. So it is easiest if you're not seen, and best if you don't engage in combat at all.

What a weird game. A FPS where you should avoid combat. Like a platformer without jump button. (Bionic Commando) Well it works, and you gain XP by avoiding enemies. With those XP points you can buy better augmentations that will increase your skills.

One thing I've not gotten my head around yet is the hacking. In order to get access to rooms, turrents and other resources you need to hack terminals (or find the bypass codes). These mini games seems very awkward to me and success is really based on chance of detection.

Hacking in Deus Ex

The story is intriguing and I like the world. Its dirty and clean at the same time. I like it how missions have several routes. You can sneak your way through, shoot your way through or just convince the gard to let you through. The options are not limitless but once you hit a wall, there always seems to be an alternate route.

That's all for now. I will come back with an update when I've played some more.