When it comes to strategy games, Warlords was one of the finest on the Amiga and it stood unchallenged for many years after. It is a game of fantasy, of dragons, demons and ghosts roaming the land. A playthrough took forever because of the massive size of the map.

Start as the white knight

I had two favorite starting positions. One was the white knight at bottom center and the other was the horse lord at top right corner. Both had their advantages, but the horse lord produced both fast and strong horse units and where able to conquer the north western part of the map in an instant.

I played this with my sister, and she always choose black, the the Mordor setting. Behind those mountains she would gather her armies and when they burst through, it came as a plague all over the countries. She was also close to invisible behind those walls.

As I mentioned, this is a huge game, and I don't think we ever finished. We came far, but it takes along time to build up the strength to win the game and I didn't really have that kind of attention span at the age of 10.

I've tried playing sequels to this game, but they have never been as well balanced. Later in life I have prefered Heroes of Might and Magic, instead.

My rating: 4