Completed the game

"Name the color of the white horse of Napoleon"

I remember the copy protection of Ports of Call as it where yesterday. You would have to look up the fith word in the second paragraph on page 15 of users manual. We had a photo copied version of the manual, so it didn't stop us from playing the game. Nice idea though.

Main screen

Should I start with buying three small crappy boats, or should I go with two large ones? Should I first buy a good boat, and hope it doesn't sink,? This was the strategy game of its time, and we played it alot because you really could play up to 4 players, turn based.

This was one of the few games I could play with my dad, that he would enjoy. We could spend the whole afternoon with Ports of Call, and I would always loose.

For its time, I would say it was extremely advanced both in terms of strategy game, and graphics. Today the game is available on all kind of devices with 3D graphics and whatnot. Checkout http://www.portsofcall.de/

My rating: 5