I loved Sid Meier's Railroads Tychoon. It was one of my top 5 games. Building railroads and watching those trains come and go, making sure they travel with the right cargo, maximizing the profit.

So, I did wish me A-Train for christmas and I got it. I seldom got any games that I wished for but for once I did. I booted it up and it had this great into, and then extraordinary graphics. You could see every building in detail and it actually had daytime and nighttime. And don't start with the music, the music was fantastic!


Now, here comes the catch. I couldn't figure it out. I spent hours upon hours and I couldn't get my railway company to turn a profit. I just built up more and more dept until I was bankrupt.

I tried everything. I built these very modest railways that should be as cost effective as possible, but I could only barely make it break even, which gave me no room for expansion.


My rating: 2