Here's one sad memory. I got this game for a birthday present and was pretty excited. Wouldn't you be, with that good looking Kevin Costner on the cover?

Adventures of Robin Hood

This game was pretty hard. It was very easy to die, but that didn't really stop me. At this part of gaming history, all games where quite hard. The challange didn't stop me.

This game is really about exploration - exploration of the world and finding out what options you have. You will soon discover all the important characters of the legend.

It was when I was starting to make progress, saving a wolf from a thorn in its pawn, that it happened. The floppies broke! You know like they do. The game stops functioning - you get a guru meditation, and that's it. :(

Despite my attempts to revive the game with several tools, it was beyond repair and I never got to play it to the end.

My rating: 3