I've waited 12 years for this, and all I got was this stupid #error37.

It was quite easy to anticipate that the login servers would be overloaded the first 24 hours. I would expect Blizzard to be able to handle it after so much experience with World of Warcraft.

D3 login screen

Anyhow, after an hour of trying to login I finally got to the character creation screen. Many RPGs lets you customize your character for a unique look, but in Diablo 3 all you can select is class, gender and name. It is true to the Diablo legacy, but I find it quite pathetic. Why should my monk look like any other female monk?

D3 monk

The classes are Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard. I choose Monk. Barbarian (warrior), Demon Hunter (rogue) and Wizard seems like classes we've played hundred of times before and I wanted something different. Monk and Witch Doctor seemed to be interesting and I choose Monk for normal difficulty, and will later create a Witch Doctor for nightmare.

I see dead people

Once you're inside Sancturary doing quests, everything feels like an advancement of Diablo 2. This game is true to its predecessor and will amaze you with great graphics and awesome hack and slash.

Yesterday evening I dinged level 7 and today I will continue my quest through this old new world.