Completed the game

This game is a strange thing. At first I was disgusted by it even though the graphics are 8 bit they convey very gruesome violence in a very visceral way. I had trouble with the way the "outside" of the level strobed in neon colours. The game was hard and I felt it was strange that although the game was static (enemies in the same place etc) it changed their pathing slightly aswell which weapons some of them carried which made me fail an attempt where I had done the exact same thing 20 times before and succeeded.

As I finished the first few levels the first play session I wasn't sure if I would keep playing the game.

After a little while I felt the need to go back again and all the pieces started falling into place. The music, the violence, the difficulty, even the neon coloured strobing fits the game perfectly and are necessary. The game wouldn't have worked as well without all those things.

I think I will leave it at that as I don't want to spoil the experience.

If you enjoy games where death is not a failure but a necessary part of the game, split second reactions, puzzle action games where you have to react when the plan goes to hell then do yourself a favour and pick this game up. When you pick this game up, think about what the game wants to convey as well, see past the immediate violence, this game also has a message.

This is a one of a kind game.

My rating: 5